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Revolution Holsters


SG-180 Mag Carrier

Featuring the

SG-180 Carrier

Ventcore Holsters



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Custom Fit Shell for each Individual Firearm

.093" Kydex® custom formed
for over 180 firearm models

Full Trigger Protection

Full slide coverage

Scalloped edges for weight reduction &
maximum ventilation

Muzzle protection on all models

Patented VentCore® Technology in the platform

Ventilated with laser-cut
ports for cool &
comfortable breathability

Ergonomically positioned
padding cells

Grip clearance custom
to each model

Integrated moisture

Hand-stitched binding

Professional Grade Hardware

SGUSA-designed injection
molded Acetal clips

Barbed Tab for Security
and Retention

Black oxide stainless
steel fasteners

Multiple Adjustment Points

Neoprene spacers for
adjustable retention

About StealthGearUSA

About StealthGearUSA

StealthGearUSA™ designs and manufactures premium holsters for concealed firearms carry. When it comes to armed self-protection, we know that failure is not an option. We meticulously craft every holster from our hand-built molds to exceed each of our customer’s unique concealment demands. Proven in the field by professionals and civilians alike, our gear is also employed by military units the world over.

The core of our industry leading designs is our patented Ventcore® technology that has made our holsters the standard of excellence for comfort, retention, and access to and protection for the firearm it carries. Every year since 2015, at the firearm industry’s largest annual trade show and exhibition, over ten thousand voters have awarded StealthGearUSA’s holsters as “The Best Guns and Gear” for our Ventcore® family of holsters. We believe it is our dedication to building the ideal “every day carry” holster that is custom designed to carry a specific firearm model in all weather conditions that has made our Ventcore® products the choice for concealed carriers worldwide.

Our hand-built products are made in American Fork, UT with materials that are sourced in the USA. We offer several configurations of carry options including: Outside-the-Waistband or “OWB”, multiple options for Inside-the-Waistband or “IWB”, and two types for Appendix-Inside-the-Waistband or “AIWB” holsters. Our Appendix+ holster is a unique offering in the hybrid holster market as it accommodates a firearm and a spare magazine on a single platform.

In addition to our vast catalog of holsters and mag carriers, we offer a carefully curated selection of flashlights, utility tools, knives, and other EDC essentials from only the most trusted brands. All of this is driven by our mission to help others live the life they want to lead with products that have been made ready for when it matters most.

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