EDC Rundown No. 01: Eight Tested Tools for Everyday Carry

EDC Rundown No. 01: Eight Tested Tools for Everyday Carry

Posted by StealthGearUSA on Oct 18th 2023

What tools do you have on you everyday? It's a good practice to assess and evaluate the tools we decide to carry every day. Oftentimes, this evaluation occurs after a gear failure/malfunction or we experience a moment where we didn't have the correct tool to do the job. Everyday carry loadouts are going to vary by individual as we all have different jobs, hobbies, etc that require different toolsets. Below are eight items that we've tested and use regularly that may have a place in your EDC system.

  1. 5.11 Bail Out Bag. 9 liter main compartment is a single pocket with MOLLE on the back lining and Velcro loop on the front lining. Two zip pockets on the end and three pockets on the front that can hold two AR mags in each pocket. 5.11 makes solid gear that is durable.
  2. Leatherman Wave. 18 useful tools in a small package. Yes, it's not exactly "light" at 8 ounces but heavy is good, heavy is reliable. Movie quote, but in all seriousness 8 ounces is lighter than carrying 18 full size tools. Pliers, bit driver, scissors, and serrated blade are some of the key tools here.
  3. Glock 19 in a Ventcore AIWB 2.0 holster. The one pictured here is equipped with the SG-Claw which aids in concealment. The claw pushes against the inside of your waistband which pushes the grip of the firearm closer to your body. It also has our recently release SG-Monoblock Strut for the clip and the soon-to-be-released AIWB+ mag attachment. The Glock 19, at this point, speaks for itself in terms of reliability, capacity, and carry size.
  4. PIG Delta Utility Glove. These lightweight gloves go on tight for excellent dexterity. You can operate a smartphone with them on. There's a trade-off when it comes to durability. If you need something more durable and are willing to take on more weight/a little less dexterity they have models to fit that need.
  5. SureFire Backup flashlight. This model is discontinued but something similar would be the SureFire EDC. 500 lumens in a 4.5" light.
  6. Hinderer XM-18 pocket knife. Spanto grind (spearpoint/tanto) Built like a tank and will absolutely survive hard use. That being said, and this goes for any knife, use it as a prybar at your own risk. Knives are meant to cut things.
  7. StealthGearUSA Slim Wallet. Available in a variety of colors. Black is the most popular. The one pictured here has blue trim. Has an elastic pocket on each side. Elastic is mil-spec grade. Easily accommodates 1-6 cards in each pocket.
  8. Fuji X100F camera. 24 MP APS-C with a fixed 35mm focal length. With the cameras that are coming on phones these days, it's getting harder to justify slinging this thing around. But, we're not quite there yet.