Ventcore 1.0 Holsters


The Original Breathable Holster

In 2012 StealthGearUSA introduced the Ventcore holster, revolutionizing what people could expect from the concealed carry market. With a dedication to making the best end user experience possible, our signature Ventcore platform features all-day comfort while providing rock solid security and retention for your firearm. When you purchase a Ventcore 1.0 holster, you are buying into more than ten years of proven design and customer satisfaction.

The Ventcore Factor

If a holster doesn't feel right or grows progressively more uncomfortable as the day goes on, you simply will be less inclined to wear it. The Ventcore platform was designed to be worn day in and day out with no burden to the user. A multilayered blend of carefully curated materials is engineered to provide industry-leading breathability across its entire surface, while also possessing enough strength and flexiblity to securely hold your firearm in place.

Carry How You Want To

Concealed carry is highly subject to personal preference and environment. With our range covering conventional Inside-the-Waistband, Outside-the-Waistband, and Appendix carry, there are a multitude of options for you to choose the perfect holster for any situation or mode of dress. Designed to perform, and all handcrafted in the USA.

Ventcore is Quality from Fit to Finish

When you choose any holster from our catalog you can be rest assured that the same high level of engineering and care goes into every single one we make. We set out to build holsters that armed citizens will confidently wear all day, everyday, in comfort. Come see what a difference a Ventcore can make for your concealed carry lifestyle.

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