Ventcore 2.0 Holsters


The Next Evolution of the Original Breathable Holster

In 2012, we altered the holster market with our patented Ventcore® hybrid holster: the first holster to deliver comfortable all-day concealed carry through a ventilated platform that was constructed with carefully curated, moisture-wicking materials for a level of comfort not found in any other brand of holsters. For the past ten years, Ventcore has become the favorite holster for thousands of armed citizens and military and law enforcement personnel around the world. And now, we are proud to announce that the world’s most comfortable holster is now even better.

Custom Tailored to Your Firearm

Our holster design philosophy has always revolved around a custom fit for the firearm the holster is meant to carry. Our holsters provide you with retention, security, and holster footprint that has been specifically designed and tested to the exact make and model of firearm you're carrying. The Ventcore 2.0 holster shell keeps with this design philosophy - each firearm has its own unique shell and set of platforms.

"Real-world solutions to real-world problems. This isn't just a nice sounding slogan. This was the genesis of StealthGearUSA."

Fully Featured

Ventcore 2.0 holsters come standard with design features that accommodate red dot optics, suppressor height sights, threaded barrels, and compensators. These features have been designed so that the holster will function 100% with or without these attachments on the firearm. And as always, StealthGearUSA holsters are all custom designed to fit the firearm they are meant to carry, have 100% trigger guard coverage, and are hand-built right here in the USA.

Everything You've Come to Expect, and More

Our patented Ventcore holster platform delivers the most comfortable day-in and day-out concealed carry experience on the market. We have not compromised on that vision, and will continue to deliver the performance you have come to expect over the past ten years. Ventcore 2.0 builds on this and offers you more versatility in how you choose to carry. Join us for an all new generation of Ventcore: the world’s most comfortable holsters.

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