About Us


About Us

Since 2012, StealthGearUSA® has been dedicated to bringing to market new and inventive products that will enhance the lives of those that have committed to carrying concealed every day.

The core of our industry leading designs is our patented Ventcore® technology that has made our holsters the standard of excellence for comfort, retention, and access to and protection for the firearms they carry. Since 2015, at the firearm industry's largest annual trade show and exhibition, over ten thousand voters have awarded our holsters as "The Best Guns and Gear" for our Ventcore® family of holsters. We believe it is our dedication to building the ideal "every day carry" holster that is custom designed to carry a specific firearm model in all weather conditions that has made our Ventcore® products the choice for concealed carriers worldwide.

Our hand-built products are made in Lindon, UT with materials that are sourced in the USA. We offer multiple configurations of carry options including: Outside-the-Waistband (OWB), Inside-the-Waistband (IWB), Appendix-Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) holsters, and our new Ankle Holster, released in the Fall of 2021. We also craft various specialized forms of carry including our chest holster, drop-leg holster, Appendix Plus, mil-spec belly band, and our competition holster, engineered in collaboration with Taran Tactical Innovations.

In addition to our vast catalog of holsters and mag carriers, we offer a carefully curated selection of flashlights, utility tools, knives, and other EDC essentials from only the most trusted brands. In 2022, StealthGearUSA will continue to expand into the Outdoor market with some exciting and relevant new products.  This innovation is driven by our mission to help others live the life they want to lead with products that have been made ready for when it matters most.

Our Story

"Real-world solutions to real-world problems. This isn’t just a nice sounding slogan. This was the genesis of StealthGearUSA. This brand does not exist, and these people would not have come together for this work, without the experiences and passions of the founder, Paul Laemmlen."

From the Founder: It all started one day in 2012 when my loaded handgun fell out of a poorly- designed leather holster and onto the floor of a busy retail establishment. That holster (built by one of the largest and oldest US holster manufacturers) was retired that day to the reject holster pile.

After an exhaustive search for a better IWB holster, I was disappointed with the poorly-conceived and over-priced offerings on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I love leather craftsmanship, but I was not looking for a beautifully crafted piece of leatherwork to be tucked in my waistband and soaked with sweat every day.

All-leather holsters were out-of-the-question. I was also disappointed with the leather/Kydex® hybrids and their claims of being the “most comfortable holster available". After field-testing several, I knew there had to be something much more comfortable than a Kydex® shell riveted to a piece of leather. There are videos all over YouTube that tell you how to make the same thing in an hour for $20 or $30.

I finally decided that I needed to build myself a BETTER hybrid holster. I grew up on a farm, where working with tools and building equipment was a way of life. I was confident that, with a little trial and error, I could find the right materials to design and build a hybrid holster that improved greatly upon current offerings available. I needed a safe, rock-solid holster that would always perform flawlessly. It would need to be built without moisture-trapping leather, with completely synthetic materials, breathable, and padded for comfort. It would need to be lighter, tougher and more comfortable than other holsters on the market. After a nationwide search for the most specialized materials, my unique IWB holster began to take shape.

My original intent was to just build a holster for myself, but after seeing the first VentCore® versions, many friends and family members asked me to make one for them, and I quickly realized that this holster design could be the answer to what many other firearm owners were looking for. Without exception, people who tried my new hybrid invention used the word "COMFORTABLE" to describe it. I was on to something!

With numerous design and material improvements along the way, and after extensive field-testing, the StealthGearUSA VentCore® IWB Holster was born and evolved into what I believe is the best and most innovative hybrid holster on the market. That one product – which I did not actually create to become a commercial product, was the beginning of StealthGearUSA. It started in my basement in 2012 and before the end of 2013 we shipped holsters to concealed carry customers in all 50 states and 9 countries.

Today, StealthGearUSA® ships hundreds of orders daily to responsible citizens worldwide and provides the most comfortable and reliable high-performance gear to some of the greatest Military and Police forces, Defense agencies and Special Operations teams in the world, from the United States to Australia, South Africa to Switzerland. Our products are now in well over fifty nations throughout the world in a myriad of situations that demand the very best. We are pleased to do our part for the professionals who keep us safe, regardless of the flag of freedom they serve under.

Award-winning, made in USA, VentCore® holsters have received accolades from leaders in the firearms industry such as Guns & Ammo and American Rifleman magazines, Hickok45, Shooting for Women Alliance, The Truth About Guns, and many more. Our StealthGearUSA team is dedicated to a culture of excellence and a philosophy of creating and building gear that instills confidence to take on real life missions, and perform when called upon.

We invite you to give our gear a try, and look forward to you joining the StealthGearUSA family.

Stay safe!