SG-UltraLite Holsters


Introducing the SG-UltraLite

When we developed our proprietary ACX-57 polymer platform for the SG-Revolution holster line in 2017, we brought to market a revolutionary line of extremely lightweight and breathable hybid holsters. We're excited to announce the next evolution of our lightest hybrid holsters: The SG-UltraLite. The SG-UltraLite line of concealed carry holsters features a new honeycomb-design that increases airflow and strength while decreasing the overall weight of the holster. Paired with our new 2.0 holster shell design, there isn't a lighter hybrid holster on the market than the SG-UltraLite with its all-day comfort, breathability, and tailored fit.

As Light as Only 3 Ounces

True to its name, the SG-UltraLite is the lightest hybrid holster on the market today. Featherweight but built for hard-use, the SG-UltraLite is a holster you can carry all day and barely feel it's there.


Reinforced Honeycomb Pattern

The honeycomb is one of the strongest and most efficient structures found in nature. We've taken inspiration from this and incorporated the honeycomb into the platform design. The laser-cut hexagonal ports in the SG-UltraLite provide maximum breathability and even more airflow than its SG-Revolution predecessor - but maintains strength and rigidity to support the weight of your firearm.

The ACX-57 Polymer Advantage

The SG-UltraLite is built on an engineered platform that flexes and adapts with your body movement, while also being ruggedly durable for any environment. Our ACX-57 polymer offers a soft suede-like backing that ensures comfort against your body while absorbing zero moisture. Dust and waterproof, and built for hard use, our SG-UltraLite holsters will work as hard as you do.

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