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SG-180 - Black

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The SG-180 series is a collection of elastic carriers designed to accommodate a wide range of everyday carry tools. Constructed of industrial-grade, polyester-wrapped rubber that is woven, the SG-180 carrier is a durable carry solution that will maintain its elasticity under hard use and in extreme temperatures.

Our woven and wrapped elastic completely shields the rubber from the elements making it ideal for everyday carry in all environments. Most common elastics are knitted with unwrapped rubber that when stretched and exposed to dirt, debris, and the elements, loses elasticity and the ability to maintain its shape. The superior designed and built SG-180s are also stitched with industrial-grade bonded thread and double-reinforced on every corner to ensure strength and consistent performance over the life of the product.  

Proudly made in Utah from materials made in the USA. Guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of 30 days from the ship date, to the original purchaser, except for any damage caused by abuse.

SG-180 mods:

Mod 0: An open-ended carrier designed to carry longer EDC items. Also allows the end user to access the item from either side of the carrier.

Mod 1: A single pocket carrier with a stitched end, the Mod 1 is ideal for carrying a spare magazine. The closed end will conceal the last round loaded and ensures the magazine will stay at a consistent depth for a reliable draw.

Mod 2: This mod features a closed-end pocket on each side. The front pocket is for quick access to an EDC item while the back pocket can be used to covertly keep smaller items that may be needed in an emergency. Items such as cash, a handcuff key, or identification.

Specs (All mods):

- Industrial-grade elastic

- Double-reinforced stitching on all corners

- 4-inches long

- Designed to fit on any belt or strap 1.5-inches wide

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