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IWB Handcuff Carrier 2.0

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StealthGearUSA® IWB Handcuff Carrier 2.0 with Ventcore® Technology

We are proud to release the latest version of our patented concealed carry Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Handcuff Carrier. Our single stack design remains unique to the market and an innovative method of carrying handcuffs that evenly distributes weight for maximum comfort and concealment.

Built on a breathable platform featuring patented Ventcore® technology, the StealthGearUSA® IWB Handcuff Carrier 2.0 was designed with input from law enforcement personnel and rigorously field tested by officers both on and off-duty. Worn anywhere along the beltline, the StealthGearUSA® IWB Handcuff Carrier 2.0 has been proven to be an effective and secure platform for carrying handcuffs discreetly and comfortably all day, every day.

Our IWB Handcuff Carrier 2.0 was designed with comfort as the primary objective. It is designed to be worn inside-the-waistband. The unique design makes this concealed handcuff carrier extremely easy to wear and conceal for everyday use. The cuffs can be rapidly deployed by grabbing the chain and pulling upward. Re-holstering the cuffs may be difficult while wearing the carrier. The carrier may need to be removed from the belt to re-holster the cuffs.

This concealed handcuff carrier has been tested and worn by plain clothes law enforcement, security guards, and civilians alike.

This IWB Handcuff Carrier is designed to fit S&W Model M-100 and Peerless 700 series chained handcuffs.


  • Platform: Ventcore®

  • Shells: .093" KYDEX®

  • Belt Clips: StealthGearUSA® Polymer 2-Hole Clips

  • Fasteners: Black Oxide Coated

  • Spacers: 1/2" Neoprene

  • Configuration: Inside-the-Waistband, cuffs side-by-side

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