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Ventcore Ankle Holster

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**The Ventcore Ankle Holster is only available for select firearms. Use the dropdown menu to select a model.**

The Ventcore Ankle Holster is the culmination of years of research and engineering and hundreds of hours of field testing. It is a continuation of our mission to provide the most comfortable concealed carry gear on the market today.

Our Ankle Holster offers excellent comfort and concealability, and is ideal for a backup firearm or if carrying your primary firearm on your belt is not an option. Our patented Ventcore technology has been specially enhanced for ankle carry with strategically-placed 1/2-inch foam. This internal foam structure delivers the most robust padding you will find on any ankle holster available on the market today - while still maintaining a discrete, breathable profile that you can comfortably wear on your ankle all day.

Unique to our ankle holster is a 3/4 thermoplastic shell that's custom-designed to the firearm it's meant to carry. The 3/4 design provides solid, positive retention with the smallest form factor possible. This results in enhanced concealment and comfort while carry on the ankle for extended periods of time.

Though the design is intricate - the Ventcore Ankle Holster is simple to use. Easy to put on, take off, and with the retention and quick draw that meet our exacting standards - our Ventcore Ankle Holster was designed to be comfortable and to perform when it matters most.


    • A well-padded, breathable Ventcore platform comfortably rests against your ankle while wicking away moisture for all-day comfort
    • Mil-spec woven elastic strap will not lose its elasticity or shape over time
    • All models red dot optic compatible EXCEPT for the Smith & Wesson J-Frame Revolver
    • Heavy duty velcro firmly secures the holster around your ankle with no sag
    • Reinforced stitching ensures long-lasting performance under daily use
    • Hand-built in the USA
    • Due to high demand, all Ventcore® items ship in approximately 2-4 weeks depending on sales volume


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