Introducing the SG-X Competition Holster

Introducing the SG-X Competition Holster

Posted by StealthGearUSA on Apr 26th 2021

StealthGearUSA is proud to introduce our first holster specialized for the competitive shooter, the SG-X Competition Holster. In collaboration with Taran Butler, of Taran Tactical Innovations, we’ve created a competition holster that meets the needs of the most demanding competitive shooters.

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Taran Butler is one of the most accomplished professional shooters of all-time. A career competitor since 1994, he has won over a hundred championships across a diverse range of events demonstrating not only expert marksmanship but a mastery of various arms. He serves as a technical advisor for the major motion picture industry and personally trains Hollywood stars so that they can shoot, move, and manipulate firearms in their films with the utmost proficiency.


Taran field tested dozens of prototypes and provided us with invaluable feedback and insight in creating the final version of the SG-X competition holster. We are excited to now present the result of this joint effort to the competitive shooting market.

stealthgearusa-sgx-competion-holster-g17-20210421-exploded-shot.jpg     stealthgearusa-sgx-competition-holster-staccato-2011-20210423-holstered-hero-shot.jpg

The SG-X Competition holster is a meticulously engineered thermoplastic shell featuring design elements from StealthGearUSA’s years of holster manufacturing experience and the expert counsel of Taran Butler.


SG-X Competition Holster features:

·      Custom-designed to a specific firearm model

·      Compatible with red dot optics

·      Flared holster opening

·      Adjustment bolt allows for minute customization of retention

·      Compatible with the SG-X drop plate, belt attachment plate, and all Sarfariland, BladeTech, and G-Code attachments

·      Adjustable cant

stealthgearusa-sgx-taran-strap-glock-20210127-three-quarter-hero-shot.jpg     stealthgearusa-sgx-competition-holster-bolt-gold-20210423-three-quarter-shot.jpg

The SG-X Competition holster is currently available for the Glock 17/34 and the Staccato 2011 line of pistols.

Buy the SG-X Competition Holster or the standalone SG-X Competition Holster Shell and get the edge!

The SG-X Competition Holster is designed to mount onto the SG-X Drop Plate or Belt Attachment Plate. The holster can be mounted directly to the plates or via Safariland, BladeTech, and G-Code attachments.

SG-X Plate Features:

  • Available for belt widths of 2-inches, 1.75, and 1.5

  • Compatible with our entire line of SG-X OWB holsters

  • Adjustable cant

  • Built from 0.20" KYDEX thermoplastic

stealthgearusa-sgx-drop-plate-20210209-rear-three-quarter-shot.jpg     stealthgearusa-sgx-drop-plate-20210325-three-quarter-shot.jpg

Purchase the SG-X Drop Plate or SG-X Belt Attachment Plate now!


Another product of StealthGearUSA’s collaboration with Taran Tactical Innovations is the SG-X Competition Mag Carrier.

stealthgearusa-sgx-competition-mag-carrier-20210423-three-quarter-shot.jpg     stealthgearusa-sgx-competition-mag-carrier-20210423-two-carrier-studio-belt-shot.jpg

Reloading is a critical metric in most shooting competitions and is often the deciding factor for victory. The SG-X Competition Mag Carrier carrier is designed for double stack long magazines and comes equipped with a Mag Retention Device (MRD) that allows precise adjustments to your magazine retention with a simple allen wrench.

The SG-X Competition Mag Carriers are mounted on Safariland 744BL Belt Clips. These clips are cant-adjustable and fit belt widths from 1.5 to 2.25 inches.

Get the SG-X Competition Mag Carrier today!

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This new SG-X Competition line is brought to you by the same commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation that has made our Ventcore holsters a favorite in the concealed carry community. During a competitive event that tests not only your aim but your stamina and equipment management, you can contend with confidence when you pair your sidearm with the SG-X Competition line of gear.