The H&K VP9SK | An In Depth Firearm Review

The H&K VP9SK | An In Depth Firearm Review

Posted by StealthGearUSA on May 22nd 2019

When Heckler and Koch released the VP9 full-size pistol it made quite the splash in the gun industry. Flash forward a few years and they have taken everything that made the H&K VP9 a popular pistol and loaded all of those features into the VP9SK - including a great price point. They're so similar the VP9SK will also accept the 15-round mags of the full size VP9.

The VP9SK is the first subcompact offering in the VP family of pistols and we are pleased to report that we are fans of this pistol after putting a couple thousand rounds through it. The great ergonomics, controls (once you get used to the paddle release), and reliability in a subcompact frame make it an obvious contender for an everyday concealed carry pistol for those trying to decide which firearm to carry.

The VP9Sk is equipped with a Picatinny rail - a feature not found on all smaller carry guns but one that allows for the use of a laser sight or mounted light.

Heckler and Koch kept the adjustability of the grip, just like in previous VP models, but they have been scaled down to fit the smaller frame of the SK. It can be adjusted to fit any user with the interchangeable back straps and lateral panels. Are you a left handed shooter? No problem, the slide release and paddle style magazine release are designed to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters.

We were pleased to find that the highly regarded trigger of the full size VP9 is also found in the smaller VP9SK. A slight take up met by a solid wall and crisp break is followed by a loud, positive reset. The reset isn't the shortest but it did not take long for us to get used to.

The VP9SK comes with straight forward 3-dot sights. There is also a model available that ships with factory night sights.

After putting a couple thousand rounds (we lost count) through this gun we can say that this gun has not only proven itself to be a reliable and accurate choice for a concealed carry pistol - it's just really fun to shoot as well.

Action: Semi-Automatic

Caliber: 9mm, 10+1

Colors: Black

Frame Size: Sub-compact

Intended Use: Personal Protection

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