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Vibra-Tite Threadlocker .06 fl oz

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Vibra-Tite 121 is a moderate strength threadlocker ideal for locking the threaded fasteners on all StealthGearUSA holsters and mag carriers. Over time shock, vibration, and environmental conditions can cause the screws in your gear to loosen. Featuring both temperature and solvent resistance, this is a perfect solution for firmly locking your screws into place and making certain your holster is fit to perform day after day.

For best results observe the following tips:

  • Before applying, treat screws with rubbing alcohol using a rag or cotton swab, then allow to completely dry. This helps remove any dirt or chemicals that could negatively affect the bond

  • Avoid using too much threadlocker per screw. Just a few dots on the section of the screw that will be seated should provide the results you need

  • Once you have the screw seated where you want it, ideally allow it 24 hours to dry and cure

  • This product makes a solid bond well-suited for daily use, but it is not designed to be permanent. If removal or adjustment of the screws are necessary simply use a manual or cordless screwdriver as you normally would, clean the screws again with rubbing alcohol, then reapply threadlocker as needed

Comes in an individually wrapped .06 fluid ounce bullet tube.

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