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StealthGearUSA Survival-Grade Paracord

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Whether you are leisurely camping or in a fraught survival emergency, one tool that can make all the difference is StealthGearUSA Survival-Grade Paracord.

The use of rope in wilderness and pioneering applications has been well documented for hundreds of years. What conventional paracord offers is strength comparable to traditional rope but at a fraction of the bulk and weight. To take this idea even further, we call our paracord Survival-Grade because within its woven nylon outer sheath are survival tools not found in other paracords:

  • 8 lb monofilament fishing line
  • Waxed jute line tinder for starting an emergency fire
  • 2-ply inner nylon strands

To access the inner strands, snip or cut off an end of the paracord, then draw out the specific type that you require. Reseal the paracord with an open flame as needed.

When used in concert, these tools and paracord can vastly improve the success rate of an outdoor survival situation. Keep one of these in your kit, and always be prepared.

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