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StealthGearUSA Fire Starter Kit

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In a prolonged survival situation, fire is life.

You will need to keep warm when it gets cold, purify water you find, and cook food in order to keep going. Fire is the gateway to all of these life preserving tasks. Additionally, fire can provide light in darkness, repel insects and predators, and act as a signal for rescue.

Because fire is such a mission critical factor to your survival, StealthGearUSA has curated this kit specifically for the purpose of building a fire in a variety of methods and situations. Keep this kit among your supplies and never be caught in the cold.

This fire starting kit contains the following:

  • 4 x StealthGearUSA Fire Plugs - our proprietary waterproof Fire Plugs are an ideal emergency tinder. Pull apart to expose fibers then light for up to five minutes of continual burning.
  • 1 x Ferrocerium/Magnesium Rod - use with the included steel striker to start a fire if matches or a lighter are unavailable. Shave bits of both ferro rod and magnesium into your tinder to enhance ignition as needed.
  • 5 x Waterproof Matches - the coating on these classic fire starters not only makes them waterproof but also highly resistant to strong winds and even momentary submersion.
  • 1 x Pencil Sharpener - this can be used on twigs and small branches to expose more flammable layers of wood, or to create shavings for use as tinder. Can also simply make a sharp stick.
  • 1 x Lighter - simple butane lighter. Compact and easy to use, this is one of the most reliable devices for starting a fire ever made. When stored properly it can have a shelf life of over ten years.

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