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StealthGearUSA Fire Plugs

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If you're trying to build a fire in the wild, sometimes the hardest part is just getting it started. If the tinder available to you is wet or even just a little damp then trying to ignite it may prove to be impossible.

StealthGearUSA Fire Plugs are an emergency tinder specially formulated to provide up to five minutes of strong, continual flame. Treated in a proprietary wax blend, these wind and waterproof fire starters let you calmly and confidently start a fire even in inclement weather. Keep these on hand for your next outdoor adventure, and you'll always be prepared to get a fire going.

Comes in packs of 12.

Made in the USA.

Directions to use a Fire Plug are as follows:

1.) Gather and arrange your kindling into a pile in preparation for burning.

2.) Take a StealthGearUSA Fire Plug and begin to bend and twist to loosen the fibers.

3.) Pull the plug apart to expose the inner fibers.

4.) Light the exposed fibers with your ignition of choice, such as matches, a lighter, or a spark from a ferro rod.

5.) Place the lit fire plug beneath your kindling and keep building up the fire as needed.

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