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StealthGearUSA Covert Carrier

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The StealthGearUSA Covert Carrier was custom-designed for the international traveler. Built on our patented Ventcore® technology, the Covert Carrier features an elastic pocket tailored to fit a United States passport. The top of the passport tucks in under the top portion of the pocket so that it is completely secure from falling out or from being picked by a thief. The Covert Carrier is a great way to carry important documents, cash, and cards while traveling abroad.

An additional use of the Covert Carrier we found through field testing was the padding it provided between a gun belt and the hip. We received feedback from some testers that while they liked the functionality of the pocket, they found the comfort of placing this carrier against the opposite hip from where they carry their pistol to be one of its best characteristics.

  • Inside-the-Waistband carrier
  • Breathable, comfortable Ventcore platform
  • Pocket dimensions: 4-inches wide, 5.5-inches tall
  • Overall dimensions: 6.5-inches wide, 6.25-inches tall
  • Polymer 2-hole straight clips come standard
  • Made in the USA

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