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StealthGearUSA Competition Stud Belt

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***Note: This item is only available as a single outer belt. Inner belt will need to be acquired separately.***

The StealthGearUSA Competition Stud Belt is a specialized competitive carrying solution, able to equip any loadout you require and getting you into the action as fast as possible.

We have always believed that a sturdy gun belt is the backbone to a successful EDC rig. We have brought this design philosophy to our competition line, and are proud to offer a belt specifically engineered to provide the best user experience in a competitive setting.

The Competition Stud Belt is optimally used as part of a two belt system. Wear the inner belt just as you would any other gun belt. Then load the outer belt with all of the gear you will need for your match, in whatever positions you desire. The Stud Belt also features two rows of holes across its entire length which are compatible with Safariland ELS 35 Receiver Plates for even more customizability. The two belts join together with HD Velcro backing, allowing you to equip or remove your setup at a moment's notice.

In a competition, every second counts. Get the edge with the strength, speed, and security that the StealthGearUSA Competition Stud Belt provides.


  • Best used in a 2 belt system
  • Belt holes uniquely suited for Safariland Equipment Locking System (ELS) forks and plates
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • Reinforced stitching
  • 1.75" wide
  • Full length backing of HD Velcro for a secure bond between belts
  • Robust construction able to carry the heaviest competitive loadouts

 Sizing Guide:

34" (actual length 44")
36" (actual length 46")
38" (actual length 48")
40" (actual length 50")
42" (actual length 52")
44" (actual length 54")


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