What is Ventcore?

What is Ventcore?

Posted by StealthGearUSA on May 19th 2021

What is Ventcore?

The foundation of StealthGearUSA’s advantage in the holster market is the Ventcore platform.

When our founder, Paul Laemmlen, set out to design his ideal everyday carry holster he prioritized bringing a level of comfort not currently available from any holster on the market. A holster so comfortable, you could carry all day, every day, and not be bothered by your concealed pistol. Because, at the end of the day, even if a holster checks all the boxes when it comes to functionality - if it’s uncomfortable to wear, you may find yourself debating if you “really” need to carry your pistol if you’re not up to the discomfort. As far as we’re concerned, a quality holster won’t make you ask that question.

This led to the creation of the Ventcore platform, the portion of our hybrid IWB holsters that rest against your body when they’re worn. The construction is a blend of synthetic layers featuring laser cut ports and ergonomic padding at specific intervals that provide maximum breathability and comfort - while also being rugged enough to endure hard use. This balanced optimization is what makes the Ventcore a cut above every other holster on the market today - excellent concealability, rock solid retention, and comfort that makes carrying all day, every day a simple task.



Why Ventcore When I Could Get Something Else?

Holsters come in a number of shapes, sizes, and materials. Our Ventcore holster has been carefully designed and engineered to achieve the optimal platform shape, size, and build materials when compared to the other holsters on the market today:


The earliest holsters were made from leather and over centuries, crafting leather has become an art form. The aesthetic remains stylish and the material itself can be firmly molded around most any firearm. However, leather does not breath particularly well. After hugging your body for even less than an hour, it can start producing troublesome levels of perspiration.  Leather also stretches and over time its grip on a firearm will sag and loosen. Our Ventcore technology is specifically designed for high breathability so no matter what the weather is like, you will never get bogged down by sweat gathering around your holster. Additionally, the high grade synthetic materials used in the construction ensures that your holster will keep its shape and retention for years to come.

Full Kydex

Holsters made entirely out of Kydex represent something of a modern evolution to the art of holster making. A thermoplastic lauded for its durability, wide availability, and being easy to shape or craft, Kydex holsters for many are a rugged option that will practically never lose retention or shape. However this unyielding plastic construction can cause discomfort depending on the current action or the mode of dress. When the Kydex must rest against your body there’s a chance you’ll need to suddenly bend at the waist, then feel like you got jabbed by a plastic box. Ventcore forms a soft cushiony barrier against your skin that keeps your holster firmly in place while staying as unobtrusive as possible.

Hybrid Holsters

This is the category of holsters that the Ventcore line falls under. A hybrid holster is generally defined as a hard retention shell mounted onto a soft base or platform. However, not all hybrid holsters are created equal. Some holsters try to maintain the appeal of leather by making it the base but it doesn’t really solve the breathing and stretching issue. Other holsters use synthetics like neoprene or chemical rubbers but when pressed against your body all day these substances may chafe or generate undue heat and sweat. Ventcore’s multi-layered system and breathing ports ensure generous air circulation while standing firm wherever you decide to carry it.



What StealthGearUSA Products Feature Ventcore?

Ventcore technology is our flagship innovation and is featured prominently in our most popular products. Not just in our famous holsters, the benefits of Ventcore extends to our mag carriers as well. Discover the Ventcore difference in the following categories:

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Ventcore AIWB Holsters

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Ventcore OWB FLEX Holsters

Ventcore SG-Scorpion Holsters

Ventcore SG-Scorpion Plus Holsters

Ventcore IWB Mag Carriers

Ventcore OWB Mag Carriers

Ventcore AR Mag Carriers