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StealthGearUSA Belly Band Holster

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Please note: Lead time for the belly band is approximately 2-3 weeks depending on sales volume


Manufactured in Lindon, Utah, our Belly Band holster features mil-spec woven polyester, heavy-duty elastic and Velcro hook and loop for a secure, comfortable, and highly concealable way to carry a firearm.

The SGUSA Belly Band holster is outfitted with both right and left-hand holster pockets and an accompanying mag pouch for both orientations. Both holster pockets feature a strip of Velcro loop on the front and back. These can be used to help index while drawing the firearm. We also offer the option to add a strip of Velcro One-Wrap to your order that can be affixed to the strips of Velcro loop to help retain the firearm, should you wish to do so. This is accomplished by attaching one end of the Velcro One-Wrap to the Velcro loop on the back of the holster pocket, wrapping it over the grip of the firearm, and attaching the other end of the Velcro One-Wrap to the strip of Velcro loop on the front of the holster pocket.

[Whether you decide to add this additional retention or not - but especially if you do use the Velcro One-Wrap - please practice drawing from your SGUSA Belly Band in a controlled environment with an unloaded firearm until you are proficient.]

SGUSA Belly Bands come equipped with 8 inches of Velcro loop on one end and 5 inches of Velcro hook at the other end. We strongly recommend fastening at least 2.5 inches of Velcro hook to the 8 inches of available Velcro loop to secure the Belly Band in place.

The SGUSA Belly Band holster comes in three different sizes to accommodate a wide range of body sizes. Please measure around the area you intend to wrap the Belly Band. Do not go off your pant size. Sizing recommendation is as follows:




26” – 31.5”


30” – 35.5”


34” – 39.5

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