Sig Sauer P365 XL: “Everyday Carry, Redefined. Again.”

Sig Sauer P365 XL: “Everyday Carry, Redefined. Again.”

Posted by StealthGearUSA on Sep 4th 2019

The new Sig Sauer P365 XL semi-automatic pistol builds on the popular P365 sub-compact 9mm pistol that launched in 2017. As the “XL” moniker implies, Sig has outfitted the P365 XL with a longer 3.7-inch barrel (as opposed to the P365’s 3.1-inch barrel) and the grip module accepts a flush mag that holds 12 rounds, versus the 10-round capacity of the P365. Two other improvements that come standard on the P365 XL are the flat trigger that breaks crisply at 90 degrees and a slide that is already milled to accept the Sig RomeoZero or RMSc reflex optic. We have found the original P365 pistol to be accurate, reliable, and easy to carry concealed in our field testing. Our initial impression of the P365 XL is that Sig Sauer has hit another home run with this new firearm.

Across our entire holster catalog, the P365 is our #1 selling model. From our flagship Ventcore® line to our new all-Kydex SG-X line of holsters, we now manufacture more holsters for the P365 than the venerable Glock 19! After putting a P365 XL through its paces on the range, we anticipate it will be very competitive for that #1 selling holster title in no time.

The 3.7-inch barrel on the P365 XL is extremely accurate and its added length makes muzzle rise more manageable compared to the P365. The XRay3 Day/Night sights that come standard are very easy to pick up quickly and are excellent all-around sights for concealed carry. At the time of testing, we didn’t have a RomeoZero optic to mount to our P365 XL but, you can be sure we are going test one out once they are more readily available. The fact that Sig made the optic cut standard on the P365 XL shows how in tune they are to the concealed carry market and it’s great to see another manufacturer adding an optic cut as a standard feature.

As previously noted, the P365 XL comes with a flat trigger instead of the curved trigger found on the P365. What’s the difference between the flat and curved trigger? A flat trigger allows the user to position the index finger on different areas of the trigger face based on preference whereas a curved trigger compels the user to position the finger at the deepest part of the curve. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but many shooters have found placing their trigger finger on the low end of a flat trigger reduces perceived pull weight. We’re big fans of Sig Sauer’s flat trigger and the crisp break it provides once pulled past the 90-degree mark.

Shortly after it was released, we purchased our P365 XL from Tooele Shooting Supply out of Tooele, Utah and went down to a range in Spanish Fork where we proceeded to put rounds on steel targets from 10-25 yards. We ran 500 rounds through the pistol with no issues. The XRay3 sights and crisp trigger made it easy to get the P365 XL on target quickly and put quick 2 and 3-round groups on the steel downrange.

Sig Sauer has changed the game of concealed carry firearms with their P365 and P365 XL pistols. It’s great to see a company innovate and introduce new options for the concealed carry market. Not only does it encourage more people to responsibly carry concealed, it pushes other companies to innovate and bring their offerings to the table. Glock has since released the G43X and G48 models and we’re looking forward to reviewing those two pistols as well.

Whichever of these handguns you decide to carry, we have a wide variety of holster options to suit your needs. Our patented Ventcore® hybrid holsters are the gold standard for comfortable concealed carry holsters on the market today. Their padded, breathable platforms are designed for year-round carry in all weather conditions. Our SG-Revolution hybrid holsters are all-synthetic holsters that are ventilated and extremely lightweight. In addition to our hybrid lines, we offer all-Kydex holsters in our SG-X modular holster line. These holsters are light, compact, and offer increased retention.

Regardless of which holster line you choose for your P365 or P365 XL, each one delivers a custom-designed mold to the actual firearm for a precise fit.

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