Why Appendix Carry For Your Concealed Carry

Why Appendix Carry For Your Concealed Carry

Posted by StealthGearUSA on May 29th 2019

The Appendix Carry has grown in popularity in recent years as more people are interested in concealed carry.

First of all, what is appendix carry? For those that are new to concealed carry, hearing the terms for all of the different carry positions can be overwhelming and confusing. Appendix carry is where you place the firearm and the holster inside the waistband, on the front of the body. Typical placement is between the pocket and the button on your pants, close to the anatomical position of your appendix, hence the name.

Illustration showing where to carry an appendix holster.

As with any carry position, there are pros and cons with each one. The most highly debated part of the Appendix carry position is the safety element. When re-holstering, take a moment to look at the firearm as you place it into the holster.

Check out this article by Shooting Illustrated that goes more in depth about what appendix carry is all about.