The SG-Scorpion™ (Video) | The Holster with a Claw

The SG-Scorpion™ (Video) | The Holster with a Claw

Posted by StealthGearUSA on May 27th 2019

Here is a quick video that explains how the integral claw enhances concealment in the appendix carry position and why we chose an integral claw over a fixed size aftermarket claw.

One of our primary design philosophies is that a holster should be specifically designed around the firearm it is meant to carry. One holster, one firearm. We kept to this philosophy with the creation of the SG-Scorpion.

We looked around the market and saw a variety of appendix holster claws that were somewhat serviceable but generic in sizing and placement. We wanted to deliver enhanced concealment via a claw with precision and determined the best way to do this was to make the SG-Scorpion claw an integral part of the design of the holster.

Every SG-Scorpion shell has been designed and custom-molded to minimize printing for each firearm model it is carrying. Claw placement has been fine-tuned for each model to ensure a perfect combat grip on every draw. When you purchase an SG-Scorpion you are receiving the best claw design on the market today for the firearm you carry.

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