The Ventocre® FLEX OWB Holster | Outside the Waistband Carry

The Ventocre® FLEX OWB Holster | Outside the Waistband Carry

Posted by StealthGearUSA on May 24th 2019

Our OWB holster with patented FLEX™ technology offers an innovative design that provides a close to body fit while still being comfortable and lightweight. It rides high-and-tight to the body for a comfortable and secure carry throughout the day. This combination of FLEX™ technology and sitting high on the belt line makes our OWB holsters the most comfortable and concealable OWB rigs on the market today.

Currently only available in our Ventcore® line - every OWB FLEX holster is built on the padded, breathable platform thousands have come to know and love for its comfort during all seasons. Like every Ventcore® holster we make here at StealthGearUSA, they are assembled by hand by our highly trained team and made to order for every customer, every day.

Check out this short video that highlights the features of our OWB FLEX holster.

OWB FLEX Details:

-Ventcore® platform
- 3-piece flexible exoskeleton
- Adjustable tapered boxed loops
- Black oxide stainless steel fasteners
- Custom SGUSA-designed injection molded polymer clips
- Custom designed for each handgun model
- 30+ components
- Hand built in the USA

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