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ACX-57 Double Mag + SG-Revolution® OWB Bundle

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Please note: All holsters and mag carriers (excluding quick ship and clearance items) are made to order and have a 4-6 week lead time.


The SG-Revolution OWB holster combines the lightweight, flexible comfort on our ACX-57 polymer platform with the form factor of a comfortable and concealable outside the waistband holster. Combine our OWB holster with the SG-X IWB/OWB Double Mag Carrier, you can carry your firearm and two spare mags outside the waistband comfortably and easily. The soft backing of the ACX-57 polymer platform allows for all-day comfort while molding to your body to keep your firearm concealed. When it comes to finding and outside the waistband concealed carry setup, our SG-X Mag Carrier and SG-Revolution OWB is hard to beat. When you purchase the SG-Revolution OWB and SG-X Double Mag Carrier bundle, you will instantly save $10!

If you are looking for a setup to wear out at the range or to switch up your EDC, with the SG-X mag carrier you can choose if you want to carry your spare mag IWB or OWB. To wear your mag carrier inside the waistband, just swap out the OWB clips for our polymer 2-hole clips. When placing your order, you can choose the configuration of your mag carrier to be IWB or OWB. Add an extra set of clips to your bundle for only $5! (Normally $9 for a pair of clips). If you purchase an extra set of clips with your SG-X mag carrier, all of the necessary hardware will be included. 

Current lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks depending on sales volume. You will receive a shipping notification email when your order has shipped. Please do not call in for a status update on your order. All holsters and mag carriers are made-to-order and not stocked. We appreciate your patience as we handcraft your custom holster.


SG-X IWB/OWB Mag Carrier

Designed to be tough and flexible, each mag carrier features a non-moisture absorbing suede-like backing to ensure comfort against the body. Why buy more than one mag carrier when you can have the best of both worlds with the SG-X IWB/OWB Mag Carrier. Choose your mag carrier configuration to be IWB or OWB when placing your order. To switch between IWB or OWB, all you need is a Phillips screw driver. 

IWB Mag Carrier

Attach the IWB polymer 2-hole straight clips to carry your SG-X mag carrier inside the waistband. The soft polymer backing will mold to your side making it extremely comfortable and concealable. 

OWB Mag Carrier

If you prefer to carry OWB or are looking for a lightweight option to add to your belt while out at the range. The SG-X mag carrier can be configured with clips to be carried outside the waistband. Attach the OWB clips to carry your SG-X mag carrier OWB. 


  • Ambidextrous
  • Tough, flexible, single layer of proprietary ACX-57 polymer material
  • Absorbs zero moisture
  • Soft suede-like backing
  • Rust-resistant, black oxide steel fasteners
  • Hand-built in the USA

SG-Revolution OWB Holster

Our SG-Revolution holsters are designed to be tough and durable. The unique design of OWB makes it ideal for concealed carry, the wings allow the holster to form around the body. Just because you are carrying OWB doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the concealability of your holster.

Expertly crafted, each SG-Revolution holster features laser-cut ports that have been placed on the platform for maximum breathability while still provided 100% trigger coverage while holstered. SG-Revolution holsters feature a single layer of our proprietary ACX-57 polymer platform that is designed to be both durable for everyday use and comfortable for all-day wear. All StealthGearUSA holsters are designed to each specific firearm. These custom designs result in perfect grip clearance on each holster and a minimal footprint when the holster is concealed.


  • Tough, Flexible, single layer proprietary ACX-57 polymer material
  • Absorbs zero moisture
  • Soft suede-like backing
  • Rust-resistant, black oxide steel fasteners
  • Custom StealthGearUSA designed molded polymer clips
  • Custom designed for each handgun model
  • Hand-build in the USA

Single Stack Long Compatible Models

 Hi Power Kimber  Custom TLE Railed Smith and Wesson  Shield .45
Ceska Zbrojovka
 Rami    Pro Carry 4"    Shield 9mm/.40
 Comander 4.25"    Ultra Carry II Springfield Armory  Operator 5"
   Defender 3"  Ruger  LC9    Range Officer 4"
   Government Model 5"  Sig Sauer  1911 4.2"  Taurus  PT 709
   New Agent 3"    1911 5"  Walther  CCP
   Officer 3.5    Micro Compact 3"    PPS
Heckler and Koch
 P7M8    Ultra Compact 3"    PPS M2
Honor Guard
 Honor Defense    P225-A1    
 CW45    P938    


Single Stack Short Compatible Models

Beretta  Nano Keltec  P11 Springfield Armory  XDS 3.3 .45
Bersa  Thunder .45    PF9    XDS 3.3 9mm/.40
Glock  G43  Kimber  Solo    XDS 4.0
Kahr  PM9    Micro 9    


Double Stack Long Compatible Models

Arsenal  Strike One Heckler and Koch  HK45 Full Size Smith and Wesson  4506
Beretta  84F    HK45 Compact    5906
   92 FS    P2000    M&P .45 Full Size
   92 FS Compact    P2000sk    M&P .45 Compact
   Cougar    P30 / P30L    M&P Full Size
   Px4 Full Size    P30sk    M&P Compact
   Px4 Compact    USP9    SD9VE
   Px4 Subcompact    USPC    SW9V
 Canik  TP9    VP40  Sphinx  SDP Compact
Ceska Zbrojovka  CZ75B    VP9    SDP Sub Compact
   CZ75C    VP9sk Springfield Armory  XD 5.25
   CZ75SP01 Ruger  P345    XD Mod 2 3" .45
   CZ97BD    P89    XD Mod 2 3" 9mm/.40
   P-01    P95    XD Mod 2 4" 9mm/.40
   P-07    SR9    XD Sub Compact 3"
   P-09    SR9c    XD40 4"
Fabrique Nationale  FNS 40 4" Sig Sauer  P220    XDM 3.8
   FNS 40 5"    P220 Carry Elite    XDM 4.5
   FNS9    P226 Steyr  M9
   FNS9C    P227 Taurus  PT 111 G2
   FNX .45 Tac    P228 (M11-A1)    PT 140, PT 111
Glock  G 17/22/31    P229    PT 145
   G 19/19X/23/32/45    P250 Full Size    PT 24/7
   G 20/21    P250 Compact Walther  P99 Gen 1
       P250 Sub Compact    P99 Gen 2
       P320 Full Size    PPQ
       P320 Compact    PPQ .45
       P320 Sub Compact    PPQ M2 4"
       P365    PPQ M2 5"
       SP2022    PPX


Double Stack Short Compatible Models

Glock  G 26/27/33        
   G 30        
   G 30S        
   G 34/35/41        
   G 36        



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