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Design & Build: Chasing Perfection

meaningful quality

Quality is easy to claim but difficult to deliver. It's this challenge that we love. The StealthGearUSA brand was born out of frustrations from inferior quality IWB holsters. That challenge taken on by Paul Laemmlen in the first VentCore® holster continues in all line extensions and new product categories. Many of our own seemingly great ideas don't ever earn the right to wear the SG logo. It's not quick to grind molds by hand. It costs more when we switch to a supplier in Maine that provides a less-abrasive material. It can be frustrating to start over from scratch when a design looks great but doesn't perform properly. But we don't see any of these as hurdles. Because it's not easy, we feel confident it will be better. This is how we define quality.

The StealthGearUSA Difference
Patented VentCore® Technology
  • Breathable via laser-cut venting ports
  • Soft permeable mesh on backside of platform
  • Integrated moisture shield
  • Ergonomically positioned padding cells
  • Maintains more normal temperature allowing for all-day carry and comfort
  • Increased durability/longevity
Custom Shell for Each Individual Handgun
  • Every Kydex® shell formed in our facility to match the individual handgun at the time of the order
  • Grip clearance and positioning custom to each model
  • One holster only fits one handgun
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Muzzle Coverage
  • Protects firearm from accidental ejection from holster
  • Protects front sight from accidental damage or snagging during draw
  • Protects garments from pre-mature wear
Highest Spec
level Shell
  • .093 mil Kydex® for durability (other brands use .06-.08 which are prone to premature failure)
  • Full trigger & slide coverage
  • Muzzle protection on all holster models
  • Scalloped edges for reduced weight and maximum ventilation
  • Buffed and polished edges
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Professional Grade Hardware
  • Black oxide stainless steel fasteners
  • 100% hard nylon mesh facing where the weapon contacts the platform
  • Neoprene spacers for adjustable retention and noise elimination
  • Phillips head screws for ease of adjustment
  • All hardware pre-treated with re-positionable locktite