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the platforms

The heart of the StealthGearUSA™ holster is our platform technology – a unique, proprietary, tested and proven technical configuration for each of our core product lines, VentCore® and SG-Revolution™.

Our fully ventilated, tough and durable holster platforms deliver fit and performance and eliminates that clammy, wet feeling on your hip all day. In our field testing, we found that moisture wicks away from the body and out through vent ports in the holster platform. This moisture issue has been proven to be the major cause of holster discomfort and loss of performance and fit among competitor brands.

We also paid close attention to the actual material contacting the body, and developed technologies that we own for optimal fit and comfort in the padding material. VentCore® and SG-Revolution™ solve the padding comfort in different ways. Learn about these differences at each product line’s dedicated page.

Ventilation: Comfort + Performance

Ventilation – and thus breathability and a cool, dry fit – is built into every StealthGearUSA™ holster and magazine carrier. Our patented VentCore® technology in the VentCore® line and our proprietary ACX-57 polymer platform in our SG-Revolution™ line delivers this ventilation that is unique to our offering.


Diamond vent ports are laser-cut into the core layers of synthetic materials. The VentCore® line has three layers for extra padding (with an integrated moisture shield), while SG-Revolution™ has a single layer for light and quick fit and performance.

From extensive testing and continued use by professionals, we believe that ventilation and breathability are key to both comfort and performance, and has been overlooked by other holster manufacturers for decades.

the fit

Shell + Platform: 1 holster for 1 firearm

Each StealthGearUSA™ shell is custom molded to your specific firearm model using stout .093” polymer shell. The edges of the shell are scalloped which provides you with less weight and aides in breathability. Our shell designs boast tight tolerances which keep your firearm securely holsters with no unwanted movement. 

Around the trigger guard, we carefully trim the polymer shell to the edges of the guard so that you can draw in a combat grip but still have complete trigger guard protection. You'll see many other companies leave portions of the trigger guard open, leaving the trigger somewhat exposed to being unintentionally moved.

All StealthGearUSA™ holsters feature adjustable retention. Prior to shipping we double-check the retention and make any adjustments necessary. Muzzle protection is standard on all of our holsters for several reasons:

  • While wearing the holster, incidental contact with hard objects will not harm the weapon
  • Sitting in chairs or seats with armrests will not cause unintentional ejection of the weapon
  • Superior retention over holsters with exposed muzzles
  • Protects clothing from sharp edges such as front sights

The polymer shell works together with the platform to create a truly one size fits one configuration that is unique to StealthGearUSA™.

Custom Made Adjustability:
There is only one you

StealthGearUSA™ holsters are designed and built to fit each individual handgun model perfectly. To help in that fit, each holster is built with polymer belt clips which are fully-adjustable for cant and depth of the weapon. All IWB holsters are also tuckable. Socket screws on the polymer shell are fully adjustable for weapon retention.

safety &

Grip Clearance

There is no excess material on the StealthGearUSA™ holster platform. These are pure “fighting holsters”. When you reach for your weapon in a StealthGearUSA™ holster, you will be able to aggressively grab and present your weapon in your combat shooting grip. There is no need to reposition or “re-index” your grip when presenting the weapon. Other holster companies build their holsters with a large backing which impedes a quick fire-ready grip and they charge extra for this more aggressive cut. This feature is built in to all of our holsters.

While our platform leaves space for a combat grip, it also completely covers the back side of your trigger guard. This eliminates any possibility of your trigger being moved while the gun is in the holster.


All Ventcore® products (holsters and magazine carriers) feature:

Black oxide stainless steel fasteners:

All of the fasteners used on our products are black oxide coated stainless steel. Using any other steel will eventually rust. We build our holsters to last a lifetime.

StealthGearUSA™-designed injection molded Acetal clips:

StealthGearUSA™ worked with multiple designs and concepts to perfect the belt clip performance for holsters and magazine carriers. This connection point is key to performance, and it must not fail. The StealthGearUSA™ injection-molded clips fit 1.5" - 1.75" belt sizes and up to a triple-layer nylon webbing belt. These clips "hook" onto your belt for maximum retention. There is a finger-grab built in to the end of the clip for easier installation and removal and two mounting holes give you multiple attachment options. The high-strength yet flexible polymer holds its shape and "spring" throughout its life.

Spring-steel clips are available as an option for anyone who prefers a metal clip.

Neoprene rubber spacers

Neoprene spacers on all products are designed to allow for adjustable weapon retention, as well as cushion the entire holster assembly from unwanted squeaks and noises common among competitor brands. 

Materials only available on VentCore® products (not in SG-Revolution™):

Marine grade binding hand-stitch to finish the holster's edges. Under normal use this biding won't wear out, tear out, or come apart. Each holster is checked for proper binding alignment and stitching prior to being shipped.


100% hard, nylon facing where the firearm contacts the platform

Strategically positioned padding cells as part of the 3-layer platform construction.

Integrated moisture shield

Backing of soft, breathable performance mesh