Glock 43 Scorpion Ventcore® Holster

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Please note: All holsters and mag carriers (excluding quick ship and clearance items) are made to order and have a 4-6 week lead time.


Glock 43 Ventcore® SG-Scorpion IWB Holster

The reliability of Glock firearms is trusted by law enforcement, military personnel and concealed carry enthusiasts around the world. When carrying in the appendix position, it can sometimes be difficult to fully conceal the grip of the firearm. The Ventcore SG-Scorpion offers a solution to those that are looking for a deep concealed carry solution in the appendix position. Designed with an integral claw on the holster shell, this unique feature helps push the grip of the Glock 43 closer to the body.

Built on our lightweight and breathable Ventcore platform, the SG-Scorpion for the G43 wicks moisture and sweat away from the body during the day for true comfort. Every platform, shell, and placement of the claw is custom designed for the Glock 43. This unique design allows the claw to be strategically placed to provide the best and most comfortable conceal. The SG-Scorpion for the Glock 43 will accommodate the latest Gen 5 model as well as Slimline Glock 43X.

The major different between the Glock 43 and the 43X is the mag capacity. The G43 features a 6-round magazine while the G43X features a 10-round magazine. The larger capacity means the grip of the Glock 43X is going to be slightly longer, the claw of the SG-Scorpion will help conceal that longer grip of the G43X even better.


The Ventcore® SG-Scorpion™ combines the comfort of a hybrid concealed carry holster and a built-in claw to deliver enhanced concealment for your everyday carry. Our patented Ventcore® technology is like nothing else on the market today. Each holster has strategically placed laser-cut ports for maximum breathability, a hard holster shell to protect your firearm and a backing of high-performance mesh that wicks moisture away from the body to allow your skin to breathe for all day comfort.

The SG-Scorpion is designed to be worn in the appendix position only (front of the body.) The integral claw of the SG-Scorpion helps push the grip on the firearm towards the body. This unique integral claw creates a compact fit without compromising comfort. The claw presses against the belt which in turn pushes the grip of the firearm towards the body for enhanced concealment.

Having the appendix claw designed into the construction of the holster versus using an aftermarket attachment allows for the claw to be ideally placed for the size and type of firearm that the holster is designed for. To further enhance balance and stability, the SG-Scorpion is outfitted with a single wide clip centered on the shell and in line with its claw.

Each StealthGearUSA holster is designed specifically for the firearm it is meant to carry. These custom designs result in perfect grip clearance on each holster and 100% trigger guard coverage while holstered. When seconds count, your holster will perform.

All SG-Scorpion holsters come equipped with a single SG-Scorpion angled wide clip. This angled wide clip enhances your ability to conceal your firearm and allows for convenient, one-handed on/off of your holster.

Due to high demand, all Ventcore® items ship within approximately 4-6 weeks depending on sales volume. You will receive a shipping notification email when your order has shipped. Please do not call in for a status update on your order.

All holsters and mag carriers are made-to-order and not stocked. We appreciate your patience as we handcraft your custom holster.


  • Center-mounted, single wide clip
  • Integral claw for enhanced concealment
  • Patented Ventcore® Technology for maximum comfort and breathability
  • Rust-resistant, black oxide stainless steel fasteners
  • Custom holster shell and platform are designed specific to each firearm to ensure proper fit and draw
  • Selection of laser or light bearing models available
  • Hand-built in the USA

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