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Introducing the SG-Revolution™ Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) holster. The SG-Revolution™ OWB holster combines the lightweight, flexible comfort of our proprietary ACX-57 polymer platform with a form factor similar to our patented Ventcore® OWB holster with FLEX Technology™. The result is the lightest hybrid OWB holster design on the market today that delivers unparalleled comfort and concealability while carrying outside-the-waistband.

ACX-57 Platform

Built on the same lightweight proprietary ACX-57 polymer of our SG-Revolution™ IWB models, the SG-Revolution™ OWB holsters are equally as tough, flexible, and lightweight.

Low-friction pebbled surface reduces drag by 50% for a quick and smooth draw.

Soft suede-like backing delivers comfort against the body. Laser-cut diamond ports allow for breath-ability to keep you cool and dry, year-round.

SG-Revolution™ holsters are made ready to perform from day one. No break-in time required.


The SG-Revolution™ OWB rounds out our line of ACX-57 holsters and mag carriers that were specifically designed to perform for the active outdoor lifestyle - whether that be hiking, biking, fly fishing in the backwoods, or simply a hard day of work.

OWB holsters are equipped with polymer loops through which a belt is required to run in order to achieve an outside-the-waistband carry setup.

Waterproof and dust-proof, the SG-Revolution™ OWB was tailor-made for the outdoor enthusiast.


The SG-Revolution™ OWB is equipped with double-stacked wings. These wings provide a perfect blend of flex and rigidity so that the holster can wrap tightly around the user - which enhances the concealability and retention of the firearm.

This high-and-tight carry results in comfort during all types of movement.

Built to work as hard as the people that wear them.


Every SG-Revolution™ hand-crafted holster is manufactured to the exact specifications of the handgun it is meant to carry for an unparalleled fit. Expertly made to exacting standards, each SG-Revolution™ platform is laser cut and features breathable diamond-shaped ports cut into a single layer proprietary ACX-57 polymer platform.

These holsters are designed and built to be tough and flexible.

The end result: the lightest outside-the-waistband hybrid holster workhorse that maintains optimal concealability and comfort all day, every day.

SG-Revolution™ OWB
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