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Q: Do your holsters have a warranty?

A: Yes: Lifetime Warranty:  We will warranty our holsters indefinitely to the original purchaser.  We should have your name on file to refer to, but please keep your receipt on file as a backup. The warranty includes all parts of the holster that may be affected by normal wear and tear, or issues with the quality. To reach us concerning warranty questions, please use the "contact us" page located in the navigation bar at the top of your screen or email your inquiry to warranties@stealthgearusa.com.

Q: I don't see my handgun model on your website.  Do you have a holster for it?

A: Each holster is custom to a specific gun model. If you don't see it on our site, we likely are in the process of designing holsters for that model, so contact us at info@stealthgearusa.com about it and we'll let you know if/when we can make one for you.

Q: Will the exposed fasteners irritate or rub my skin raw?

A: The fasteners are recessed into the platform material. They are not noticeable while being worn and we do not typically recieve comments concerning the hardware rubbing skin, even after tens of thousands being shipped and utilized. Those who often wear the holster against their skin have given very positive reviews. The padding and ventilation bring a new level of comfort. We encourage you to read reviews of the product regarding this issue.

Q: If I buy a holster now and want to switch guns in 6 months, can I just buy a new Kydex® piece for the new gun and attach it to the holster platform that I already have?

A: We realized early on in 2013 that in order to design and build the best firearm holster, we needed to make the holster custom to the respective firearm. Our VentCore® platform and Kydex® shells are custom fitted to each firearm, and a result of that is that the Kydex® shells are not interchangeable. 

Q: Are your VentCore® holsters washable?

A: Yes. The materials that make up our VentCore® holsters are all synthetic and non-moisture absorbing. You can use a mild soap (dish or laundry soap works fine) and a soft bristled brush like an old toothbrush to scrub them. The fasteners are all stainless steel, and the belt clips are a polymer material. There is no need to take your holster apart to clean it. After you rinse them, you can shake out most of the water, and the rest will quickly dry out.

Q: Do you make a palm-out draw holster for a more comfortable small-of-back draw?

A: No. A very important part of your draw is that while pulling your firearm around to acquire your target, your firearm does not momentarily aim toward anything that you don't want to accidentally shoot. When drawing palm-out, you're aiming your gun at yourself for half of your draw, and then possibly at others as you swing it around toward your target.  When drawing palm-in (which is how all of our holsters are designed) it's really easy with a little practice to only aim your firearm at the ground as you bring it around to acquire your target. It is much safer to draw this way if you are in a high-stress situation where you'll be drawing your gun to immediately fire on a threat.