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Worth the wait (CZ75 Compact)


Noah Johnson

Let me be clear, this is just my opinion and my personal experience. I don't want to buy dozens of holsters, and it's hard to find holsters for my particular DA/SA pistol. I debated between 3 companies and decided to try Stealth Gear because they are local to where I live. I've owned my my pistol for years, but haven't carried consistently because I bought a generic universal holster which proved to not be durable or reliable for retention. Cons: The holster took a long time to make, but this is because they are made to order, by hand. Other high volume brands that are available on the shelf probably don't make their holsters as thoughtfully as SG. It's not huge, but it's not as svelte as I wish it was, but that's basically true with all holsters. Pros: SG has a number of cool finishes and colors that you can order to customize your holster. I carry IWB, so nobody but me is going to be impressed. They included some extra hardware in case I wanted to only use 1 clip. The fit and f

Maximum Comfort


I was skeptical to carry appendix, but after I dumped striker-fired pistols and returned to DA/SA, I figured it would be a good time. I'd been carrying OWB at 3-4 o'clock for so many years, that I was starting to sustain hip tendon damage from wearing a holster while driving. This Ventcore holster has been an absolute blessing. To begin with, it carries the weight of my Sig beautifully. It's not the lightest gun for a compact, and this holster distributes the weight very nicely. The holster carries at a perfect height. I can sit comfortably for hours with no irritation, although I have found that to bend over, it's better to flex at the knees than to bend at the waist. The AIWB holster is the best tool I've found for correcting my posture when lifting. The Ventcore material provides year-round comfort in both heat and cold. I love it. Break in time is practically nil, and the pistol glides in silently without that "KLACK" that you get from holstering a full-kydex rig

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