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The SG-Revolution™ OWB has a 7-day lead time.

The SG-Revolution™ OWB holster combines the lightweight, flexible comfort of our proprietary ACX-57polymer platform with a form factor similar to our patented Ventcore® OWB holster with FLEX Technology™. The result is the lightest hybrid OWB holster design on the market today that delivers unparalleled comfortand conceal-ability while carried outside-the-waistband.

Joining our staple of SG-Revolution™ Inside-the- Waistband (IWB) models, the SG- Revolution™ OWB shares the same slim-design and custom build quality that thousands of SG-Revolution™ IWB holster users have come to appreciate and now live by. The new SG-Revolution™ OWB rounds out our line of ACX-57 holsters and mag carriers that were specifically designed to perform for the active outdoor lifestyle - whether that be hiking, biking, fly fishing in the backwoods, or simply a hard day of work.

We recently partnered with Summit-Supply & Mfg. on the design and manufacture of a new belt clip specifically built for outside-the-waistband holster applications. These new OWB clips deliver enhanced strength and convenience over our original OWB loop with a “clip-on” design. This design eliminates the need to remove or un-buckle the belt when attaching or removing the OWB holster from the belt. This new clip design also allows our OWB holsters and mag carriers to be clipped directly onto a MOLLE platform, if desired.

All StealthGearUSA OWB products now ship with these new belt clips as standard.


  • Tough, flexible, single layer proprietary ACX-57 polymer material
  • Absorbs zero moisture
  • Soft suede-like backing
  • Pebbled surface in contact with firearm, decreasing drag by 50%
  • Black oxide stainless steel fasteners
  • Custom designed for each handgun model
  • Hand built in the USA

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